Sunday, February 28, 2010

Seashell Magic: Underwater Adventure

Allison is writing her first fiction novel! Here is what she came up with today:

Once upon a time in San Diego, California, there lived three children; Sally, Selena and Willy. Over the summer they found a rare shell at the beach. They were playing with it at home and wrote a song about the shell. Suddenly, when Selena touched the shell the wind began to blow, and the room began to spin! It spun faster and faster. Willy closed his eyes, then it stopped. Willy opened his eyes and asked, "Where are we?" They walked around and realized they weren't at home anymore. Then they looked at their clothes. They were dressed as scuba divers! They decided to swim out into the ocean. They went underwater and found a cave. The three kids went inside the cave. They swam around and found some really cool treasures. Selena found a pearl necklace. Sally found a beautiful box with emeralds and pearls on the top. Willy found a sword! They went back up to the shore and touched the shell again. The wind began to blow faster and faster, and suddenly they were back at home again! They decided to polish their treasures. Sally, Selena and Willy wanted to show their parents, but thought that they'd never believe their amazing story of how they found them. They decided to keep them, and their magic shell, a secret. They knew that their shell could lead them to lots of adventures and go anywhere! The End.